We treat the whole person – body, mind and spirit, through group therapy and individualised one to one counselling.

A 30 day Programme

Residential Treatment Programme

Available to those affected by Alcoholism, Drug Addiction, Gambling,  and other behavioural addictions. Limited to 16 participants, this is an intensive programme and provides a secure foundation for ongoing abstinence and recovery. Each treatment programme is tailored individually for the participant and their particular needs. It includes Individual Counselling, Group Therapy, Addiction Education, Fellowship Meetings, yoga and other activities.

“From the moment I came in the door of The Grove I felt safe. Every day I learned something about myself that helps me in recovery. The programme of one to one counselling, Group Therapy, lectures,it gave me the tools necessary to maintain that recovery. The centre itself and all the staff who work there are fantastic, making my stay at the Grove the best decision I have ever made.”

Male, 39

ongoing support for clients following treatment

Continuing Care Programmes

In our 2 year Continuing Care Programme we recognise that ongoing support for clients following treatment, at The Grove, is essential to their recovery process.

Programmes provided at the centre include Weekly Continuing Care Group Meetings, Women’s/ Men’s Groups, and Individual Counselling.

“It helped me to take a good look at myself and my life. I was encouraged to make a decision that I may not have otherwise made. It saved my life and my sanity.”

Male, 25

A 30 day Programme

Family / Concerned Persons Programmes

Addiction is often described as a family disease as it impacts negatively on a wide circle of people around the addicted person including family members, friends and work colleagues.

Introductory Programme

If you are affected by someone’s addiction or have someone close to you in treatment and need support or information, we offer an introductory programme running 1 morning a week for a 4 week period.

Intensive Programme

Following the above programme, we offer an Intensive Programme for those who wish to get a deeper understanding of themselves and their recovery process, this programme runs  one night a week for a 6 week period.

“The awareness I got re my addiction and my behaviour was great and for the first time I looked at myself and got to know and like me and forgive myself. I got freedom here.”

Female, 25


See what others have to say about The Grove

“It was a very powerful programme for me. It has given me a chance to enjoy life the way it should be. It helped me see myself for what I am like in addiction.”

Male, 45

“After a long hospital stay due to deadly complications from alcoholism, I entered The Grove at my family’s insistence. Upon arrival, I was an unwilling “candidate ” who left 30 days later with an incredible change in thinking, outlook and disposition towards myself and life in general.

At the age of 73, I realized I had never been as happy, nor laughed so much in my life…all a result of the treatment, counsellors and learned tools I experienced. As I approach four years of sobriety and a “new lease on life “, I thank God and The Grove and highly recommend the experience!!!”

Mary, 73

“I see so much more to look forward to in life. My thinking is clearer. Now I can make up for lost time. I can see how lost in addiction I was and all the harm and damage I have caused.”

Female, 21

“I benefited from this programme by becoming completely honest. I have been in previous treatments before but have not had an experience like The Grove, I am extremely grateful.”

Female, 34

“The grove has everything a person needs to start the journey in recovery and get well , all I had to do was get out of the way and let it happen , they taught me that , if I brought honesty , and willingness the rest would take care of itself in the 30 day program and my experience was it did just that.

Liam, 48

“It helped me to take a good look at myself and my life. I was encouraged to make a decision that I may not have otherwise made. It saved my life and my sanity.”

Male, 25

“It has been a real intervention into the isolated world I ended up in. The treatment process has initiated the destruction of the walls of silence. These latter days have allowed the recognition of gratitude for arriving here safely and to emerge from the silence. The treatment team has facilitated this critical shift.”

Male, 25

“I came to The Grove in November 2020 and had a very positive experience. The staff were excellent, very helpful and encouraging. When I completed my time there I attended Aftercare which was a great help. It kept me sober. I did what was suggested and it worked. I attend the Men’s Group every Wednesday and I find it very interesting. I still go to 3 AA meetings weekly. I have a new life.”

Paddy, 67